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Our Safety Products

  • Chemical spill kits of various size and configuration
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire blankets
  • Fire equipment testing consumables
  • First aid kits and consumables 
  • Electrical testing consumables 
  • Safe Work Method Statements
  • Safe Work Procedures (SWP)
  • Toolbox talk facilitators sheet 
  • Customisation in house training packages
  • Safety Related Policies and procedures 
  • Complete Safety Management Systems
    •  Frontline can provide customised Safety Management Systems (SMS) . Our SMS are customised to your companies needs and we will train your staff in the implementation and use of the SMS.  Our customised SMS can cost as little as $800.  

The list of Items available is to numerous to mention give us a call or email us and we will provide you with a great price for the safety items you need with a fixed quote. 



We have a range of in house training packages available. These packages come with all documents needed for your employees to deliver the training session in house. Download the training packages list for a list of all the courses and the resources that are provided. These packages are very popular and represent a very cost effective way to conduct quality internal training  Download in house packages list



 Sometimes the risks associated with a work task may be obvious, such as using dangerous machinery or chemicals. Other times the risks are not so obvious, such as unloading goods or packing boxes in a warehouse.

Safe work procedures make workers aware of risks in their work tasks and tell them how to avoid injury or illness while doing those tasks

Frontline can provide your business with a range of Safe Work Procedures (SWP). These SWP will in many ways reduce your time spent on writing  procedures and assist you in making your workplace a safe place to be. Importantly you may do many things safely however you need the procedures to "back it up", These SWP will help.


We have two types of SWP 

The basic procedure SWP . This will suite 90 %  of Business' 

The cost of these procedures is just $20 each 

Here is a sample, SWP Drill Press


The Advanced procedure goes into a great more detail and has assessments and verification documents 

This procedure is customised to each and every business 

The Cost is $350 each 

Here is a sample   Angle Grinder SWP 

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We Specialise in Quality Client Focused Safety and Training Solutions