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About Frontline Safety and Training Services 

Frontline Safety and Training Services is a Training Accreditation  Council (TAC) Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Registration number 50791. We specialise in Occupational  Safety and Health. We are an RTO and also a Safety Consultancy servicing all areas of Western Australia. 

 Our Mission Statement

Providing a safe environment for our customers, their clients ,their friends and families is a primary mission for all of us at Frontline Safety and Training Services. We will  do our best to eliminate unsafe conditions and minimise related risks by identifying and supporting safe work practices, promoting safety awareness, furnishing necessary tools and equipment, and providing training and education. We will work together to protect our customers , ourselves  and each other by promoting a culture of shared responsibility  by informed judgement.  


Compliance Recognition Program    

 We are proud to be an approved participant in the Training Accreditation  Council's (TAC) Compliance Recognition Program. This program is only available to Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) that consistently demonstrate compliance with the requirements for RTO's in WA and is by invitation only. Further Information on this program is available from the TAC website at the following link.


Point of Difference 

Not all Registered Training Organisations are the same. Many RTOs have a vast range of different training courses and only conduct training. Our POINT OF DIFFERENCE is that we specialise in Safety related training & our trainers work in industry. This allows us to provide current industry knowledge to our clients with the focus on what actually works and is relevant in industry. 

 We provide Nationally Accredited Training  as well as non accredited and  Worksafe approved safety courses. 


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We provide a range of Safety consultancy services to industry including our award winning Business Compliance package products


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 In addition we provide a range of resources to support safety compliance in the workplace. Check out our products page here

Our primary focus is safety and are considered Industry leaders in our field


Contact us on 0451066061  or

Our specialty  is customising training courses to fit the needs of individuals & companies 


We Specialise in Quality Client Focused Safety and Training Solutions