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White Card Information

Please read before registering

The White card is the qualification required if you wish to work in the construction industry. It is illegal in WA to work on a construction site without a current white card. Our White Card is valid Australia wide.

 White card Course overview



As of the 8th of December 2017 there is a practical element of  the white card. You will not be able to be issued with a white card without completing this practical element.  The practical element involves answering a range of questions   face to face and demonstrating the use and wearing of selected PPE. This can be done two ways.

1.        At our practical skills training center in Bunbury 

2.     Completing the online knowledge assessment and  then completing the practical element via Skype or similar software


The Steps to achieving the White Card are:

1.    Complete the online knowledge Assessment

2.    Contact Frontline to arrange to book a time and date for the practical element

          you will be advised at this time what resources that you will need to complete the practical assessment  

3.    Conduct the practical element 


As an alternative Frontline is conducting the White Card Course at our practical skills training centre on the first Tuesday of every month starting Feb 2018 


 Important Information for completion of the white card Download here


Prior to registering and completing the exam it is critical that you download and study the manual. People often ask how long does the exam take. If you download and study the manual the exam will take about 30 minutes, if you don't allow three weeks 

Click here to download the current White Card Manual



 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER and Complete the White Card Test 


Replacement White Card or Replacement Blue Card

Frontline is able to provide a replacement white card or blue card for anyone who has been issued a valid white card or blue card in WA.

Give us a call on 0451066061 or email us at  The process is really simple and quick.  Your White Card replacement card should be in the mail the same day and if issue is critical we can scan and email your replacement white card within the hour . 


Note: When you apply for a replacement white card or blue card you will receive a white card irregardless if you have previously been issued with a blue card. This is because the Blue  Card ceased to be issued after Sep 2009 and was replaced by the white card.  










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